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Student Success Program Update

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

The Student Success team at Kwayaciiwin is committed to seeing our students reach for the stars and see success that connects both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Since September, the FNSSP team has completed over 80 community visits. This includes both day trips as well as longer trips with numerous team members to provide support throughout all grade levels. The School Success team has done Family Literacy/Numeracy Fun Nights, after school workshops, classroom visits and community career fairs. In addition to this, the success team has been available to support staff and students throughout the district in pushing their success goals to new heights. As we wrap up the 2018-2019 school year, this is a few of our highlights:

Elders in the Classroom Project has shown great success and great interaction with students and elders within the school setting as well as out in the community. Elders are sharing their knowledge with the youth and as such the youth are engaged in learning about their history.

Bright Ideas Projects that surround themselves with retention and technology initiatives of all subject areas- gardening, robots, 3D printers, school libraries, school kitchens, professional workshops for both students and staff, artist visits, musician visits.

Professional Development for teachers- Chiefs of Ontario workshops, ONECA annual workshop for Social Counsellors, Numeracy and Literacy training, DRA training, TE/TA training, RAZ Plus, Jolly Phonics, Effective manipulative use

The technology working group and the native language teachers group combined for an integrated technology focus group around using technology for anishiniimowin language instruction.

Locally developed proposals to meet school-specific goals

Outdoor Education workshops provided as a started point to more land-based professional development opportunities

NOW Play language development partnership with OISE through SSHRC

Self-Regulation SSHRC partnership development with the Mehrit Centre.

Community level student engage that includes after school programs, multi grade collaboration and development of student art and books.

Overall, the First Nation Student Success Program continues to see growth and success within the district schools in a variety of areas. We are putting student learning and best interest at the forefront in all aspects of programming and the students are engaging in stronger education. As with anything, there is continued support needed and the schools each have their own specific goals. We are working with them to reach these goals and provide strategies to move forward. As a staff, we are looking forward to seeing what the 2019-2020 school year will bring.

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