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School Resources

Since 2002, Kwayaciiwin has supported the revitalization and retention of Language and Culture in the Sioux Lookout area by providing curriculum, materials, and resources for First Nations schools.

Bilingual & Bicultural Curriculum

Built on Ontario’s Ministry of Education Curriculum, Kwayaciiwin’s curriculum integrates a culturally-based framework for teaching Anishinine / Anishinaabe language and culture. It is supported by a comprehensive
range of culturally relevant resources.

Language & Culture Resource Development

Consistently expanding number of books (125 distinct titles in the most recent catalogue) in syllabics, roman orthography and English, audio-visual materials, levelled readers, Kindergarten to Grade 2 Anshiniimowiin Phonic Binders, flash cards, unit plans, syllabic charts, Oji-cree, Cree and Ojibway dictionaries, stories & legends, documentation of elders language usage,
Oji-cree language ipad Apps, posters and other instructional materials.

Need help implementing and using our resources/materials in the classroom?

We do that too.

Visit the Language & Culture Support section for more information.


Requests from schools for written translation of Kwayaciiwin’s books into local dialects; requests from organizations and businesses for translation services.

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