Since 2002, Kwayaciiwin has worked with First Nation communities in the Sioux Lookout area to help students succeed academically by providing culturally appropriate resources and materials, and by supporting schools in areas such as literacy, numeracy, data collection, technology, and governance.

Anishinine/Anishinaabe language and culture remain at the heart of Kwayaciiwin’s work, rooted in the knowledge that students with a strong sense of identity and belonging will thrive academically and personally.


Services include coaching and mentoring of school staff, curriculum development, school success planning, learning assessments, student performance data collection, special education support, professional development, language and culture resources, and assistance with information technology and management.


Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre is a respected First Nation community-driven, sustainable Centre of Excellence. We provide comprehensive support to schools to promote bilingual, bicultural student success.


Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre supports First Nations student success in partnership with our communities.


  • To provide a strong leadership role in developing a unique education system for the Sioux Lookout district that addresses the cultural and linguistic values of our Aboriginal children, youth and young adults.

  • To develop and deliver education programs which will enable our students to confidently respond to and benefit from life’s opportunities and challenges.

  • To respond to the education needs of the communities and build capacity to address emerging societal trends and issues.

  • To provide a comprehensive spectrum of education services to the First Nation communities it serves.

  • To provide educational opportunities for Aboriginal children, youth and young adults.