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Learning heads outdoors at Summer Institute

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This year’s Summer Institute was held on August 26-28, 2019 at Ojibway Park outside Sioux Lookout. We tried something different this year, holding the gathering outside with limited technology. It came with logistical challenges, but it was an excellent chance to provide participants with the experience of what it’s like to enhance learning opportunities in an outdoor environment.

Our staff provided wonderful workshops around language, science, math, writing, and art and how to engage with the outdoors to provide lessons that coincide with or supplement classroom curriculum. Other sessions included Building Identity, Understanding, and Culture with Renee Southwind, The Science of Self-Regulation with Lisa Bayrami, and Intro to Self-Regulation with Sonia Mastrangelo. We were also provided with a Music in the Classroom workshop by musician Nick Sherman. It was also entertaining as he sang a few songs and discussed the stories behind them.

We were at the mercy of the weather and it challenged us with rain, rain, and more rain. However, it didn’t stop the learning opportunities. And we are grateful to all the participants for taking part throughout the entire gathering.

For more images, check out our photo gallery:

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