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KERC partners in self-reg study

Kwayaciiwin is happy to announce we have partnered with researchers at Lakehead University to examine the role of self-regulation and how it impacts student success when paired with Indigenous methods of learning.

The $196,000 three-year study is a pilot project taking place in Kasabonika Lake First Nation. It will be led by two researchers from Lakehead University, Sonia Mastrangelo and Meridith Lovell-Johnston, with staff from Kwayaciiwin assisting throughout the process. The Self Regulation Institute is also a partner in the initiative.

With lower literacy rates in the North when compared to the rest of Ontario, the goal of the study is to explore if promoting self-regulation (or self-reg) with cultural learning tools, such as storytelling, can help to improve well-being, literacy outcomes, and overall school success. Using a holistic approach, the team will engage with students, educators, and community members in Kasabonika, with a plan to expand to other communities over the next three years.

The engagement process with communities will focus on building relationships between the partnership team, teachers, students, and community members to develop an understanding of self-regulation and literacy that will respect the values and goals of communities. Throughout the school year, the team will provide training for teachers, work with students to help them build their own understanding of self-reg, conduct learning assessments, act as literacy coaches, and use storytelling to have students reflect on their growth with self-regulation. The self-reg team will also involve parents in developing a shared understanding of self-reg and literacy.

Self-regulation is a framework for understanding stress and managing tension in order to cope with daily challenges of life. For students, self-regulation helps in areas of healthy development, such as mental health, learning, resilience, and caring relationships.

For more information about the project, please contact Monika Orzechowska at (807) 737-7373 ext. 32 or at

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