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New Executive Director takes helm

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

Booshoo, Waciiyah, niin, Christina Meekis. Hello, my name is Christina Meekis and I am the new Executive Director for Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre, effective January 7, 2019.

I have family roots in the Sandy Lake and North Spirit Lake First Nations. My husband, Steve Bear is from Tobique First Nation, New Brunswick and we have 3 children and several grandchildren.

As an educator, with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, my priority is to positively influence all educational endeavours in the best interest of the child. No child should ever be refused the opportunity of acquiring an education. I am eager to continue fulfilling this priority in my new role as Executive Director.

One of my goals, in working with the First Nations communities, is to instill the need to improve their present situations, making them stronger in their own distinct identity. This can be achieved through effective education services and upgrading their capacity in this ever changing and evolving world of ours. Kwayaciiwin should be at the forefront of this work and we will continue to support communities.

As we move forward, I look forward to working with our community partners to strengthen Kwayaciiwin so that we can meet your needs and support your education goals. There are challenges ahead, but I feel that Kwayaciiwin has already established a solid foundation in order to continue moving forward. As long as we work together, we can build a strong team to support our children and youth.

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