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KERC’s Print Production and Publishing Department Updates

Greeting from the Language and Culture, Print Production and Publishing department of Kwayaciiwin.

We have undergone some changes in the last several months in order to better serve and fulfill the growing needs of Kwayaciiwin’s corporate communities, as well as fee for service communities, organizations, business, companies and schools in the region regarding the printing, publishing, production and distribution of First Nations based books, resources and materials.

These changes include:

a production (design) and printing schedule

a more streamlined intake process for requested work and orders (including quoting and invoicing system)

Re-prioritizing Kwayaciiwin’s corporate communities before fee for service clients

These changes will help us more efficiently and effectively support communities and their language and cultural needs in terms of resources, books, curriculum, in-class learning tools and the many other printed and published materials from our extensive library that has been developed over the last 11 years of service to our communities.

First off, supporting Kwayaciiwin’s corporate communities with much needed resources, books, in-class learning tools and many other printed and published materials will be our main priority. Community orders will be prioritized as much as possible so communities, schools and teachers will have access to much needed resources for their lesson plans and classrooms in a timely and more efficient fashion. To do this we have implemented a more solidified printing and production schedule to help prioritize and organize work and requests coming in. This will aid our production team’s ability to fill orders as well as aid in effective communication with communities about the orders they send to Kwayaciiwin. Based on the schedules our production assistant and community staff liaison can accurately access what stage in the process the work requested or order is in, be it translation, design, printing or distribution (shipping) and when the estimated time of arrival for the work requested or the order of resources will be.

We have also implemented a more streamlined process for taking in requests from fee for service clients. The translation, design, printing and publishing services will be quoted upon the request of these services and deposit or PO will be necessary to be put into the pertaining schedule. Any resources and printed materials order from a fee for service client will require a PO for the order to be placed in the schedule. This is, of course, is only for outside organizations, businesses, companies or clients that are not one of Kwayaciiwin corporate communities. Corporate communities of Kwayaciiwin do not have to pay any fees associated with orders, resources or work requests.

Additionally, we are also working on stocking up on our in-house inventory and keeping track of our inventory moving forward. With an up-to-date accurate inventory we can process orders from our communities much faster and more efficiently.

As of right now the printing, production team is very busy with orders with the end of the school year fast approaching.

Let us know if you have any requests, orders, questions, comments or concerns at

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