First Nation schools are required to develop school success plans which set out goals, activities and targets for improving student achievement levels in the three priority areas of literacy, numeracy and student retention.


For more information or for assistance, please contact:

Grant Stevens
School Success Planner
(807) 737-7373 Ext.45

  • Meet with the teachers at least twice, first to brainstorm, then to decide which goals are your priorities. Avoid goals that are too big. “Baby steps” are more realistic. You should also meet with your community – through the education committee. On some items, student input could also be very helpful. If nothing else share the document with the older students so that they have some ownership.
  • For literacy goals, Kwayaciiwin has many books available for free.
  • For numeracy goals, Jump Math books are free but your teachers must be trained to make the program effective. Our literacy and numeracy coaches are available for assistance.
  • Keep in mind that, especially for achieving numeracy goals, student retention is key. Students who miss school make a teacher’s job very difficult. Attendance incentives for students and parents are very helpful.
  • Keep in mind that FNSSP funds are not just for available to purchase resources, but also available for training. For example, if you wanted Smartboards. This is a great technology, but like any tool there is a learning curve for users. Kwayaciiwin can provide some support but our human resources are limited. We do support the purchase of resources but appropriate training can also be very useful and sometimes essential.
  • You may also consider such things as guest speakers, local field trips (outdoor education), craft materials, cameras, prizes for essay writing, etc. Please make sure that items, resources, are related your school goals for to literacy, numeracy, or student retention.
  • Build your community’s resources into your program – tools, kitchen utensils, Band Council notices, local artwork, family photographs, rocks and other land-based objects, Elders to take children out of the school in small groups. (Literacy and numeracy goals can be built into land-based education.) If we can save by using available resources, then we can use that extra money for other things
  • Your school has been doing these for several years now so you should have copies of previous years proposals in your files. We also have copies at Kwayaciiwin.