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Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre

43 Queen Street
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Head Office: Mishkeegogamang Ojibway First Nation

MathewMatthew Angees – Interim Executive Director (Ext.30)  email

Matthew Angees is a proud member of Wunnumin Lake First Nation. He has three sons and one daughter. He graduated from the Faculty of Lakehead University in 1984 and has been involved in education in various capacities. He is fluent and proficient in both English and Oji-Cree and continues to translate. Matthew is the executive director and his main role is to implement the KERC Board policies and directives. He supervises the overall operations and daily management of the organization. He is responsible to manage all programs and staff of KERC, and to ensure proper planning is being implemented.



Nelson Makoop – ARP Coordinator / Immersion Lead (Ext.17)  email

Nelson is responsible for leading and coordinating the Academic Readiness Program.  He synchronizes the work or many talented people who do translations of materials being developed and published at the Centre. These books and materials are in English, Oji-Cree, Ojibwe and Cree. Nelson works tirelessly to promote bilingual and bi-cultural programs in schools are ensure they are supported through resources and staff training.

BallenaBallena Anderson – Immersion Specialist  (Ext.14)  email

Ballena has been an Immersion Specialist at Kwayaciiwin for eight years. Her focus is to support Immersion Programs in First Nation on-reserve schools in the Sioux Lookout District. She conducts native language and culture workshops and also trains community-based immersion and native language teachers. Ballena is also an author and illustrator of many children’s story books published in syllabics and English.  Drawing on her extensive experience with traditional ways, Ballena has developed teaching materials for 23 schools in the North and the Sioux Lookout area. Ballena has translated many books into Oji-Cree, Cree and Ojibway.

sandra-bigheadSandra Bighead – Native Language Specialist (Ext. 16)  email

Sandra Bighead is from Wunnumin Lake First Nation. She has been a Kindergarten Immersion teacher for 10+ years. She joined Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre as a Native Language Specialist in October 2015.


Gabrielle Cosco – Graphic Artist / Illustrator (Ext. 20) email

Gabrielle is an artist, illustrator at Kwayaciiwin Educational Resource Centre. As well as creating artwork and illustrations for the children’s books and educational resources, she is a photographer, a graphic designer and web designer. She also visits communities and schools teaching the students art lessons and promoting the skills needed for the work she does at Kwayaciiwin.


  MargaretMargaret Angeconeb – FNSSP Coordinator (Ext.21) email

Margaret is responsible for leading and coordinating the First Nation Student Success Program.  This includes all aspects of planning; coordinating and managing the resources assigned to FNSSP; communication with all key partners; and monitoring, reporting and evaluating the implementation and outcomes of the FNSSP annual work plan.

AmandaAmanda McLean – Student Success Planning Lead (Ext.15) email

Amanda coordinates the development and management of the school success planning team portion of the FNSSP. This includes program and service development; planning, coordination and management of program and service delivery, which includes communications, community liaison, monitoring and reporting. Most specifically, she works with the FNSSP team of educational consultants to organize, coordinate and facilitate support to schools and communities, establish proposals and work plans, and ensure that data and results collected from communities is collated and analyzed to determine impact on  student success.

Bronwyn Bronwyn MacDonald – Numeracy Coach – (Ext.27) email

Bronwyn was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley and is brand new to Northwest Ontario.  She completed her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Trent University and her Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. Bronwyn’s teaching experience includes working with students identified with Mild Intellectual Disabilities, teaching in a youth correctional facility and teaching math a various levels in rural Ontario.  She is very excited to be joining the KERC team and exploring the North.

BrookeBrooke Skene – Literacy Coach – (Ext.44) email

Brooke was born and raised in Northwestern Ontario and attended Lakehead University. While at Lakehead, she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Moving to Western Canada, for a while, she attended the University of British Columbia where she earned her Bachelor of Education degree. Brooke’s teaching experience comes from working in small rural schools in British Columbia’s West Kootenays, and more recently Rocky View School Division in Alberta. During her time in the classroom, Brooke mostly taught English Language Arts to grades 6-12. As the Literacy Coach at KERC, Brooke’s responsibilities will be to provide expert advice and in-school support to teachers and administrators on strategies to improve the literacy of their students.

Melissa BortlisMelissa Bortlis – Primary Coach (Ext.29) email

After graduating from the Laurier and Nipissing concurrent education program, Melissa worked in variety of classroom settings as an occasional teacher in southern Ontario.  In 2012, she began working in northwestern Ontario as the Special Education Resource Teacher in Cat Lake. As the Early Literacy Coach for the First Nation Student Success Program, her role is to work with primary educators in the district to develop effective strategies for meeting language development needs.

IMG_8539 Monika Orzechowska – Technology & Performance Measurement Lead – (Ext.32) email

Monika researches and assesses technology and technological resources to find useful resources for schools in the Sioux Lookout District. Her current focus is on exploring and assessing the engagement and learning power of Google Apps For Education in district schools. She also supports teachers in areas of experiential and “tradigital” education – exploring ways to combine the best of traditional tools and practices with the best of digital ones.   In addition, Monika provides support to teachers and local data administrators in the use of Dadavan Outcomes Student Information System and coordinates the First Nation Student Nutrition Program MCYS grant (2015-2018) for 18 project sites.

 alex-2_smallAlexander Short- Technology in the Classroom Coach (Ext. 34) email

Alex is KERC’s Technology in the Classroom Coach. His job is to provide support to school staff and students for the effective use of technology in the classroom. Right now his focus is on exploring Google Apps for education and Chromebooks. Alex also provides guidance for further exploration of new technology in the classroom and schools. Alex is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and also has a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University. He has experience teaching Grade 5/6 at Lawrence Wesley Education Centre in Cat Lake.


Jesse Lawson – Database Worker (Ext. 50) email

Jesse was born and raised in Winnipeg but has been living in Dryden for the past 7 years.  She’s been perpetually attached to the Internet for years and has a Diploma in Information Security Management from the University Of Winnipeg.  She is a geek at heart and is looking forward to helping KERC as the new Database Worker.  She will be working with the Performance Measurement Lead to provide support to the 13 communities in the area of Performance Measurement including Dadavan Outcomes Student Information System support and training.


lesley -2

Lesley Tomporowski – Assessment  Lead (Ext.31) email

The Assessment Lead is responsible for coordinating, developing and managing the student learning assessment and performance management program of the FNSSP . FNSSP requires the establishment and maintenance of a District-Wide assessment system to monitor and measure the achievement of the students in all the classrooms of our District. The assessments are to be formal and standardized and therefore the comparisons are accurate and systematic in terms of curricula, outcomes, and objectives. The information gathered is an essential part of accountability that will provide parents, students, staff, and communities with accurate reports on education performance. The goals are to show the progress of the students in an easy to manage system that is accurate and cost-efficient.   We all want students to reach their goals and grade levels where possible but skills must be learned in order to do this.


Grant Stevens – School Success Planner (Ext. 45) email

Grant is KERC’s School Success Planner. Grant is an experienced educator who has worked as a teacher, principal, and director. Most of his work has been with First Nation communities in Northern Alberta. Grant will be helping schools with their plans for student success. This is a three step process that schools do every year: 1. Submit a proposal which outlines strategies for improvement in literacy, numeracy, and student retention; 2. Implement strategies throughout the school year; 3. Submit reports at end of year, showing expenditures and accomplishments. Grant is available to help principals and staff with all aspects of school success. School/community visits will be part of his role as well.


cbrownCharles Brown – Structural Readiness Coordinator       (Ext. 11) email

Charles will coordinate to strengthen KERC Board’s capacity for governance and leadership, and meet financial, human resource and operational requirements by moving forward with the second phase (2016-17) and third phase (2017-18) of KERC’s three-year Capacity Development Plan. He will ensure that all activities in the KERC’s Five Year Strategic plan are implemented and delivered to enhance both internal capacity of the organization, and to provide more effective and efficient school supports and services for the thirteen district First nation schools. Charles will also ensure that the Staff Professional Development Plan is implemented, and to increase Human Resource Management Capacity building initiatives.


Anna Phelan – First Nations Governance Coordinator (Ext. 35) email

Anna is a member of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug, She enjoys working and living in Sioux Lookout for she gets to see family and friends often as many pass through this gateway town from the northern First Nations for;  work, transportation, health, recreation, shopping and educational reasons. The other added benefit  is that she is able to use her Ojicree language often to communicate in her workplace.  Anna worked in the social services field for years prior to pursuing a career in Education. She has a Social Services Diploma and a Bachelor of Education Degree.



charlotte-sempleCharlotte Semple – Administrative Assistant (Ext.10) email  

Charlotte has been working at Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre for 6 years.  She provides administrative and office support for all the supervisors. She coordinates the logistics for all KERC’s conferences and workshops, arranges staff travel, answers telephone calls, receives and directs visitors and makes sure the office is well stocked with refreshments!

  RobertRobert Turtle – IT Technician  (Ext.25) email  

Robert is Kwayaciiwin’s data base manager and IT Technician. His responsibilities have evolved to include supporting the production team, printing KERC materials, including curriculum products, and outside orders.