Student Learning Assessment

Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre conducts Screening Assessments in the eight (8) First Nations that FNSSP works with. The assessments are done every year and comparative data has been tabulated and provided to the schools to help with programming and grouping of students.

Assessments in Language and Readiness to Read were completed in the younger grades as well as Math.  In the older grades, Reading Recognition, Reading Comprehension, and Math were completed.

It is Kwayaciiwin’s goal to provide schools with as much information to help students succeed where they are and to help students make improvement in efforts to reach their full potential.

Munoz Language Survey

This assessment is done individually with the younger students.  The goal is to see how well they are doing in terms of reading readiness and language development.  The students use pictures and vocabulary and phonemic awareness activities in this assessment.  It is a standardized assessment and is used widely in North America with younger students and is culturally relevant for our students.

WRAT-4 – Math

The WRAT-4 Math assessment is known as the Wide Range Achievement Test, Fourth Edition.  This particular version is normed in North America and has First Nations norms calculated in with the other norms for equity.

This standardized assessment is based on math computation and provides opportunities for students to do math questions that are curriculum based.  Math concepts are not on this assessment nor word problems as it is a math assessment and not intended to be used to check on reading abilities.  This is an individual assessment.  There are two forms of the assessment.

This assessment is done from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and High School where relevant.

WRAT-4 – Comprehension

The WRAT-4 Comprehension assessment is an individualized standardized assessment.  It tests the comprehension skills of students and is based on norms in North America with First Nations norms included.  The passages are culturally appropriate.

TOWRE – Test of Word Reading Efficiency (Reading Recognition)

The TOWRE is an individualized standardized assessment that assesses reading recognition.  It is based on frequently used words and is very easy to administer and not intimidating for the students.

** In addition to the assessment screening,  the eight (8) schools also participate in the provincial EQAO assessments.**