School Success Planning

Locally-Developed Proposals & Reports

Kwayaciiwin supports and works with Education Directors and Principals to develop school success plans which set out goals, activities and targets for improving student achievement.

If you’re a principal or Education Director, please visit the Locally-Develop Proposals & Reports section for forms and tips.

Literacy, Numeracy, and Student Retention

Our team of specialists provides support to educators using various tools, strategies, and resources to improve academic and attendance performance of students. Support is often provided through on-site community visits, but our team is available any time.

Professional Development

Workshops, conferences, institutes, one to one coaching and mentoring, covering a range of subjects and best practices, are offered to Principals, Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Tutor Escorts, Education Directors and local Education Authority/School Board Members, across the district. Kwayaciiwin also facilitates the development of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) across the district. Training and coaching is delivered on-site at schools, through virtual conferencing, and during group training sessions.

Key events include the annual Summer Institute held every August in Sioux Lookout and the Kekeenamakayo Education Conference held every few years in Winnipeg, Manitoba.