Performance Measurement

The FNSSP Dadavan Outcomes Student Information initiative was developed to help fulfil one of the three components of the Reforming First Nation Education Initiative, which states:

Performance Measurement: First Nation schools are required to put in place performance measurement systems that allow schools to assess, report on, and take steps to accelerate progress made by students and by schools.

Dadavan “Outcomes” is a web-based student information system, like Trillium or Maplewood which are used in some Provincial school boards. The Dadavan platform includes many features designed to track, support, and assess students on their journey through school. These include: Daily Attendance tracking; Report Cards; Nominal Roll Reports; Teacher Planners; IEP’s; Behaviour Incidence tracking; Parent / student pages; OSR’s and other management tools.

Kwayaciiwin is also involved in developing and tracking a number of additional indicators that can be used to support school and student success.

The Dadavan / Performance Measurement team at Kwayaciiwin is:

  • Monika Orzechowska, Technology and Performance Measurement Lead
  • Jesse Lawson, Database Worker
  • Keith Atwood, It and Performance Measurement Support